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Does the iphone 2.0 kill or restart mobile marketing?

Since June 29th, 2007 I’ve thought that the iphone crushed the mobile specific advertising/content play.  At the time, I was running a web business that was weighing various mobile technologies to make a user friendly solution for consuming content AND integrating sponsors into a mobile experience.  One look at the iphone and I was convinced that the long term need for WAP, .MOBI, and other proprietary services for displaying content for mobile devices would disappear.  The iphone did such a good job (with the exception of the slow load time) of displaying the standard web page that I thought the whole space was very short lived.

Then the iphone 2.0 software came out.

I don’t have the new phone (yet) but I installed the new version of the software on my phone and downloaded a bunch of apps on the day of the release.  So cool.  What surprised me?  How much I like the apps for the NY Times, Facebook, and Twitter.  In essence, a mobile optimized version of a website!

The device/software that I thought killed the mobile optimized version may have reintroduced the concept?

Thoughts anyone?

Forrester Weigh’s in on Dell’s Crowd-Sourced Ads

Post here.

The First Social Network Olympics

I mentioned here the Olympic application project and thought I’d provide an update.  After 13 days, there are over 60,000 people with the application.  Pretty cool to watch the applications’ (there are actually over 100 apps – one for each competing country) growth.  The guys at Citizen Sports have done a great job with the project and have built the applications with an eye toward building communities.  Already really solid uptake on this front.  When Michael Phelps breaks a world record, the news breaks on the app and gets spread around the members social graphs.  People are watching the trials with a notebook on their lap.

One real surprise – Iceland is second to the United States in installs with over 3500!  The US was a given since the member base of Citizen Sports is predominantly American but I don’t know where Iceland came from.  Interesting.
Lenovo is the sponsor of this app and has really worked to make this a Web 2.0 Olympics.  Check out the blogging project that Lenovo is making possible here.

As a guy who grew up reimagining his future every four years when the Olympics came on, I a thrilled to see the Olympic experience evolve.

Check it out.

Check it out: Conversational Marketing Summit Videos

Check it out.

Want to call out one segment that might not leap off the page but is well worth your time on the relationship between brands and search.

Michael Lewis’ Rules for a Wall Street Tycoon During a Recession

Great piece on Bloomberg today.  Here’s a sample:

Sell the Maybach and buy a Prius. Have the gardener plant tomatoes in your yard — but make sure he knows to put them in the front yard, where they can be seen.

The goal isn’t to get people to like you. That would be too much to ask. The position to which you aspire, recession champion, is inherently unsympathetic. You are the man on the lifeboat with his own private stash of food and water. The goal is merely to get people to tolerate you, and dissuade them from organizing themselves against you.

Do this well enough and by the time they realize what you’ve done the next boom will have begun, and they’ll treat you as their hero.

Content before design…

Via Twitter. So great. 

Thanks James!


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