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Check It Out: Sprint Customer Service on Twitter

In my ongoing effort to highlight good customer service via Twitter, I bring you JGoldsborough from Sprint.


Very cool!  Check him out in action here.

Thanks Paula!

Sharing Some Recent Work

A lot cooking here and I am working on a couple of longer posts.  In the meantime, a long overdue update on some of the work Federated Media is doing that I’m really proud of:

- Comcast Fancast A celebration of great TV programming.


- BoingBoing Offworld BoingBoing looks at the world from a decidedly different angle.  Offworld focuses on the gaming space and provides a much needed alternative to the mainstream gaming sites.


Asus/Intel WePC What do you want in your next computer?  Share these ideas with peers or just browse the ideas from others.  There are already 1000s to review.


- Trendhunter TV underwritten by Verizon Wireless Nothing beats a great name and TrendHunter says just about everything you might want to know.  Worked with Verizon to underwrite the next chapter of


- Digital Nomads Examines the growing group of workers that can truly work almost anywhere.  Tips, tricks, stories, challenges, a crowdsourced white paper, etc. Sponsored by Dell.


Many more.  Really excited and proud of the work I have the privilege of working on and/or watching and learning from my peers.

Al Gore’s Meteoric Rise on Twitter

Al Gore joins twitter less than a week ago and already has 14,500+ followers!


22 Ways to Approach Conversational Media

Peter Kim has compiled a pretty comprehensive list of examples of companies utilizing Conversational Media tools for their marketing.  As a follow up that piece, he’s organized the list into 22 different types of executions.

It is easy to think that Conversational/Social Media is A thing when in fact it is way of approaching your customers rather than a specific execution.

Tip of the hat to James for pointing this out.


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