Crowdsourcing your creative development

We (Federated Media) represent Graffiti. They’ve built one of the most interesting applications on the FaceBook platform and we’ve worked with them on a number of really cool marketing programs with the Graffiti application. The latest is for Dell. The program is in support of their REgeneration program and allows Graffiti users to create a work of art that tells their friends and other graffiti users – all 8 million of them – “what green means to them.”

The program launched last night at 7pm and already has over 600 submissions. Early submissions suggest that agencies might want to look at Graffiti as a place to find their next creative team. Or perhaps, let their prospective and current customers do the creative for them? Here are some submissions:

What does Green mean to me2?

I love the way the artist incorporated the power button into the drawing.

What does Green mean to me3?What does Green mean to me1?
What does Green mean to me4?

This final one incorporates the REgeneration theme into the piece. There was no creative brief, the only incentive these artists have is the chance to win a Dell Monitor AND the respect of the community.

If you’re a facebook member you can check out the program here.

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