6800 angry customers mobilize in one day

Nothing new media about petitions.  The ability for angry customers to come together and the media to follow them has never been easier. When Apple announced updates to the ipod touch would cost $20 to update but are free to new customers, ipod touch users mobiled and started a petition. As I write this it has 6800 digital signatures.

Perhaps as powerful and maybe more, according to technorati 5,597 bloggers are writing about it. Even if the average blog has 5 readers of this post, this is a conversation Apple would do well to turn around quickly.

I wonder if moves like this might be calculated risks by Jobs and company. Get the user base lathered up. Get all sorts of talk about the new features on the ipod touch, and then sweep in and make the updates free…

Devil or genius or both?

2 Responses to “6800 angry customers mobilize in one day”

  1. 1 Leslie Brand January 18, 2008 at 5:39 pm

    Companies/marketers often factor in the cost of acquisition for a new customer when making pricing policies. Mobile phone companies do the same thing — offering free phones for new customers while loyal, continuously paying customers get charged for a new phone. I have rebutted this and at those times I get a lowered price, however, I’m still paying. What companies and marketers often do not calculate is the negativity associated with these types of actions in teh minds of customers. I’m glad there is a petition. If we as consumer do not make a fuss, we’re going to continue to get screwed as consumers. I think American Express has it right — membership has its privileges.

  2. 2 Jackson February 22, 2008 at 8:39 pm

    I am outraged that Apple is charging early buyers of the iPod Touch $20 for a system update that ought to be free.

    While I understand Apple’s decision to charge money for the new applications the new $20 “application pack” also includes a SYSTEM UPDATE in the form of the home page editing, web clips, and lyrics features. All of these are updates to the currently existing iPod Touch software and NOT new applications, which means that they ought to be free to all users of the iPod Touch.

    Adding insult to injury these applications are all hidden in the 1.1.3 system update, a whopping 104.4mb file that all users must download if they want to fix bugs in the system. These applications can only be used when you pay Apple $20 to “unlock” them, but even if you decide not to buy them they stay on your iPod taking up precious space that could be used for songs, videos, or photos.

    Apple is normally wonderful when it comes to providing system support and updates, but having them shaft early adopters and loyal fans like this is offensive and shows that Apple has absolutely no regard for the iPod Touch community.

    You can leave Apple direct feedback here:

    You can also sign this petition:

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