Sun/mySQL – Look out IBM

Sun bought mySQL yesterday. Lots of coverage out there and I like Ars Technica’s analysis here.

Here are the two CEOs of Sun and mySQL

One of the things I love about Silicon Valley software businesses, the dress code. I still feel like a kid getting out of school early for a snow day when I wear jeans and a sport coat. That’s what you get when you spend your entire professional life in New York City.

Thinking more about the Sun/mySQL news, I think this is the piece that will allow Sun to look much more like IBM than they did without mySQL. In other words, this is another piece of the puzzle for them to complete their transition from a hardware company to a full service technology solutions company. Servers and storage with open sourced development tools, OS, and database and 1000s of consultants to help you make sense of it all. Sound familiar?

Is CSC next on Sun’s list? If it is, let this be the first plea to Jonathon Schwartz to keep the CSC Cycling Team Sponsorship…

1 Response to “Sun/mySQL – Look out IBM”

  1. 1 Justin Watt January 17, 2008 at 10:09 pm

    That photo rocks my world! I wish there was a video of that moment.

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