Scott Karp – To understand web publishing you must use the tools

I’m a big fan of Scott Karp. Scott does a great job of tracking the shifts in the media business. This post charts the disconnect between traditional publishing and “new media” publishing. In short, journalist using antiquated CMS tools that were built to adhere to established print publishing (or TV) workflows don’t receive any of the advantages that a guy like me with a free wordpress account would.

To borrow a well know marketing tag line – “Just do it.”

While this is extremely important for web journalists, I would say that marketers, salespeople, etc. should give it a go as well.

Why do so many big media companies seem to ignore these tools while smaller, more nimble independent authors sitting on publicly available blog platforms steal their audience and advertising dollars? Because so many of the people that sought out the tools left their organization and the need for different tools mandates a different organizational structure. Finally, if you spent millions customizing a CMS system would want to be the person that explains how 2 guys and a ~$2000 Movable Type or WordPress support contract is doing a better job at attracting an audience and the search engines that deliver that audience?

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