Dell ReGenerates facebook marketing

Early advertising in a new medium is so often a cut and paste job from the old medium. Early TV commercials were visual adaptations of the radio ads that preceded them. Most early search engines took banner ads. Online video ads were 30 second spots recycled from TV commercials. Nothing wrong with it. A strong advertising message can work in many mediums. I’m always excited by executions where the advertising/messaging is amplified by the platform

I’m really proud of my (tangential) involvement in the Dell ReGeneration project because it is a program that uses the unique strengths of the graffiti application. I wrote about it here previously and thought it worth another mention. After 7300+ submissions and over 1 million votes (all in less than two weeks) the top 150 submissions are available for viewing here (facebook and graffiti memberships required.) Here is a sneak peek of what surfaced after the voting ended.

Top 150 Grafiti Dell ReGeneration content

The LA Times’ Webscout blog liked it too.

Congrats to the Grafiti team (Mark, Ted, and Tim,) Dell team (Andrew, Sean, Casey, et al) and the FM team (James and Matt) that made this happen.

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