What’s not being discussed about the Yahoo/Microsoft deal

Yahoo is a Unix/Linux shop with a lot of open source coding tools. They use Java, Perl, etc. They don’t use (to my knowledge) much if any Microsoft web development platforms. People talk about corporate culture but this goes way beyond simple cultural issues. I once had a Microsoft team demand a video player use Silverlight (with its 2% market adoption at the time) instead of Adobe’s Flash (with ~98% market adoption) because it would look bad if Microsoft supported Flash when they had a new (and better – MSFT’s eyes) solution. Imagine this conversation happening all across the integrated conquered acquired company. If Yahoo!/Microsoft must become the ultimate case study for Microsoft Development tools many of the best and most independent Yahoo! developers will walk.

Microsoft talks about the synergies of their combined R&D operations. Now imagine half of them are forced to speak a new language and use tools generally considered inferior.

1 Response to “What’s not being discussed about the Yahoo/Microsoft deal”

  1. 1 Guest February 5, 2008 at 3:31 am

    Right on. This is a big deal. But they also use BSD. They have their own special version of Apache called Yapache. There are many who think there are lots of problems with Yahoo R&D too. Leave it to Microsoft to make the world take pity on Yahoo and raise them up as the paragon of development. Still not a good fit.

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