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JG Etc. Exclusive Interview with John Shankman Next Week

More on this here. I’m off the grid for a week but will look forward to reading the interview when I plug back in…

How Do You Stay On Top of Conversations Online?

Read Write Web has a number of suggestions here.  An excerpt:

 The truth of the matter is, like it or not, the conversations that once existed solely in the blogosphere have now moved on. People still comment, but in a lot of cases, those comments aren’t on found on the blog itself. So the question is, has the conversation become diluted among all the different services and applications? Or is it just adding layers to the original topic? And most importantly, how can you keep up?

NY State Law the End of Behavioral Advertising?

The New York State Legislature is considering a bill that would require permission before an advertising company could use personal information for ad targeting.  Hmmm.  NY Times article here.

Mediapost Coverage of the Dell/FM/Graffiti/Facebook program

Read it here.  Lots of good questions raised and a number of interesting perspectives surfacing in the comments area.  If you’re interested in learning more, you can read my previous posts on the program here and here.

Viral Video Being Co-Opted for All Sorts of Purposes

I’ve seen this video

used to make a point in three very different contexts over the past week.

1. A biking website used it as part of a campaign to promote vigilance for bikers when driving.

2. An ad creative executive referred to the video in a talk she gave discussing why seemingly obvious ideas are ignored for long periods of time at the Ogilvy and Mather’s Verge Conference. She was specifically referring to the Dove “Real Beauty” Campaign of last year.

3. Seth Godin today in this blog post.

Clearly making an impact but I still don’t know the original intent of the creators. If I’m evaluating the success/failure of this work, does the viral spread (71K streams on YouTube as I write this) factor into my assessment?

Apparently I’m Not Alone in My Confusion About the Current Financial Mess..

Great article that explains the current issues with the markets and the confusion that surrounds them. Even better, here is a guy that took a few days researching his story and discussing the topic with leading economists and he’s confused!

It has been going on for seven months now, and many people probably feel as if they should understand it. But they don’t, not really. The part about the housing crash seems simple enough. With banks whispering sweet encouragement, people bought homes they couldn’t afford, and now they are falling behind on their mortgages.

In the Wake of Bear Stearns and Everything Else…

This from Seth Godin:

 Change (and the fortunes that go with it) is almost always made during the down part of the cycle. It might not be fun, but it’s exciting. (Where do you think Google came from?) The opportunity is to find substantial opportunities (in any field) that deliver real value and have a future. Those jobs/investments/companies/ideas are undervalued right now, but not for long.

It is easier to go with the status quo when things are going well.