A Different Kind of Media Brand

Two weeks without a post! One on vacation and one trying to get my head back above water after vacation.

Battelle has another amazing post here. Be sure to check out the comments as the discussion is very rich. One comment really nailed the challenge facing so many organizations today as they consider moving from packaged to conversational marketing –

I think that one of the key challenges is that marketers are still relegated to a communications function. Their domain includes all the things a company says, and very little of what it actually does. Marketers generally interact with their product development counterparts only after the product is “baked” and ready to go to market. It is difficult to engage in genuine conversations with the marketplace when you can’t change the reality of how a company does business, what it sells, how it works with partners, etc.

As the mediums that carry marketing evolve so must the function of marketing. I many want to believe we are in the “half pregnant” stage at the moment. It is coming but perhaps we aren’t all the way there.  Industries, careers, and entire sectors of our economy are built on assumptions that don’t hold true if we admit we need to rewire the relationship between product and marketing and between customers and your marketing message. If our products are in a state of continuous beta then our marketing must be able to shift with it. Conversations rather than slogans.

It is far easier to recognize this is happening than it is to do something about it. I’ve been spending a lot of time recently in the offices of major media companies and agencies. Entire buildings devoted to serving the communications function described above. Not only are their product and marketing groups starting to talk but their clients product and marketing groups are doing the same.  Just as you can’t be “half pregnant” you are either making these connections or you aren’t.  The people building new connections today will have a huge advantage over competitors that aren’t.

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