Why I Keep This Blog

1.  It helps me appreciate how hard it is to create and maintain an audience.  Even when the tools make the creation easy.  Every media professional should keep a blog for a while for just this reason.

2.  It helps me think through things that I need to articulate.

3.  I have a small group of people I think to poke with ideas.  They all read the blog and will respond.  I would talk with all of them but not as often as I can blog.  This gives me scale within my social set… I guess.

4.  I realize how half-assed a lot of my thoughts are.  Keeps me humble.  God may spell dog backwards but putting it in a post shines a pretty cold light on the smallness of that thought.

5.  I love my job at FM and I love helping authors and marketers create media but I miss creating it myself.

6.  Yesterday I had 70 page views on my blog.  If I were selling ads on this blog for a $100 cpm (yeah right) I would have made $7.  If that doesn’t motivate me to work hard I don’t know what would.  See reason #1 again.

7.  I don’t journal.  As a blog ages you start to forget where your head was at a particular time.  The time invested starts to provide you with a time capsule.

If you haven’t started a blog.  Do it.  For a month with an option to extend.  3 posts a week.  Give it a try.

1 Response to “Why I Keep This Blog”

  1. 1 jDM May 30, 2008 at 4:04 am

    keep it coming!

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