MLB – Stop Trying to Control All Things Baseball!

Excellent news from the Supreme Court which denied to hear arguments over whether the MLB and players could own the rights to player stats and, therefore, virtually own fantasy sports.

I’m not a fantasy sports player but I really object to the idea that MLB (and the NFL and others) can control the rights to the sport to such a degree.

My 5 year old nephew recently went to a Miami Heat game with his dad and asked his idol Dwayne Wade (I’d link to him but I’m afraid I’d get sued) for an autograph on the $50+ jersey his dad bought him. He refused saying that his agent won’t let him sign autographs unless he gets paid a fee.  He made money on the jersey (it had his number and name on it.)

Come on! Wade wasn’t even playing (he was injured!)

Professional sports is presuming that the passion that carries fans to play fantasy sports and buy expensive jerseys will always be there. If they stifle the conversation, it may not be the case.

I know, MLB is just protecting their interests. Their business needs to grow! Feed the conversation and it will grow. Starve it and people will move to other passion areas.

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