Does the iphone 2.0 kill or restart mobile marketing?

Since June 29th, 2007 I’ve thought that the iphone crushed the mobile specific advertising/content play.  At the time, I was running a web business that was weighing various mobile technologies to make a user friendly solution for consuming content AND integrating sponsors into a mobile experience.  One look at the iphone and I was convinced that the long term need for WAP, .MOBI, and other proprietary services for displaying content for mobile devices would disappear.  The iphone did such a good job (with the exception of the slow load time) of displaying the standard web page that I thought the whole space was very short lived.

Then the iphone 2.0 software came out.

I don’t have the new phone (yet) but I installed the new version of the software on my phone and downloaded a bunch of apps on the day of the release.  So cool.  What surprised me?  How much I like the apps for the NY Times, Facebook, and Twitter.  In essence, a mobile optimized version of a website!

The device/software that I thought killed the mobile optimized version may have reintroduced the concept?

Thoughts anyone?

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