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A Nation’s Pride Surfaces on Facebook

I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Citizen Sports and Lenovo on Facebook applications for fans of 115 different competing countries for the summer games.  You can read more about it here and here. With the games about to begin, Iceland was making a strong showing with the second highest tally of fans using the application.  As Track and Field took center stage, the fans of Jamaica took center stage on the facebook front, seeing over 8,000 new participants in the last 8 days of event.

Unlike the actual Olympics, Team Jamaica was unable to surge past Team USA.   Apparently, some guy named Phelps had a pretty good Olympics too.  His country had over 45,000 people following Team USA.  All told, over 240,000 people utilized the applications.  Considering these applications were just a gleam in a publisher’s eye in May, pretty amazing stuff.

Congrats to the entire Citizen Sports team!

A “Lost” Opportunity

Ok, some background.  My pet peeve is the unnecessary use of “quotation marks.”  Really grates on me.

I’ve been thinking about starting a second blog to highlight the frequent abuse of this piece of punctuation.

Someone beat me to the punch.  Kudos to The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks.

Thanks Schneider!

Is Google Getting Some Serious DoS Attacks?

Many people got the following note when doing searches today:

What’s going on?

A New Phase for Facebook…

My father just got an account on facebook.  The many circles of Facebook –

–  Work/Industry contacts

–  College/Grad School Friends

–  High School Friends

–  Family

Anyone seen the Seinfeld episode where George’s “worlds collide?”

Corporate Blog can replace press release for SEC messaging

This could be huge.  More here.

Being a Geek is Finally Paying Off!

Karl Long has a great post entitled Social Media Biggest Shift in Marketing Strategy Since Television? In it he examines the differences between marketers “dipping their toes in the water” and those that dive in head first.  Check it out.

Here the part I absolutely love – the first comment:


Found this post through another great link from Dave Knox on the same topic.

Check it out – Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

One of the few pleasures of a long commute is the ability to listen to some amazing podcasts to and from work.  Here is one I feel I must share.

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History is a true find.  One segment will focus on the Assyrian powers at the dawn of civilization and the next will focus on the meta dialogue around Winston Churchill.  Dan and Ben (his producer) are putting out an amazing program.  If you’re at all interested in history and have an hour of spare time, spend it with an episode of the podcast.

Check it out.