Why Microsoft’s Ad Creative is Effective

1.  It doesn’t give the haters anything to dispute – except that they hate the ad.  No claims of security, stability, etc.

2.  For every ad impression they buy, they get one for free from the blogosphere and people talking about. These ads are not cheap but they are gaining efficiency through this buzz.

3.  Most importantly, it is getting people to really work at what they might be driving at.  People are making all sorts of leaps to connect the dots.  It is an ad about nothing but everyone assumes they will one day say something or do something.  What?

The danger is that they don’t deliver.  But until that happens, a lot of people will be trying to map what they know and think they know about Microsoft with where the ad campaign is headed.  And, as of this moment, the second ad (which is 1 day old) has 317,000 streams on YouTube.

1 Response to “Why Microsoft’s Ad Creative is Effective”

  1. 1 darren herman September 12, 2008 at 10:10 pm

    until techmeme becomes the USA today and people can recall the adds without aid, then I’d say we can make this statement

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