MadMen’s Inspired Sales Pitch for Ads

I enjoyed AMC’s first season of MadMen commercial free via itunes. The show wasn’t on my radar when it was released and it wasn’t until I heard Terry Gross interview the creator Matt Weiner on FreshAir that I even considered watching it.

I loved it.  Tight storylines, well thought out characters, and fantastic acting made for a great dramatic experience.

It is only in the second season that I have learned to appreciate the commercial genius of MadMen.  It is the perfect frame for the 30 second spot.  If you haven’t seen it, the producers/AMC set up selected (probably with a premium attached to it) companies and/or commercials you’re about to see with a brief factoid that frames the ad you’re about to see.  Target’s first store was in suburban Minnesota in the early sixties.  The first V8 model of a BMW came out in the mid-50’s and only 200 or so were made… The association is strong and clear.  You’re watching a show that celebrates and documents a group of people that made ads in the past (the second season is set in 1962) and these ads are descendants of the work done from that period.

They set up the ad!  They make it part of the programming! What’s more, agency people LOVE the program so if they have a chance to include it, they will.  People love to buy what they like.

I predict a rash of new dramas set in ad agencies.  Rip-offs always follow a breakout hit so this was likely anyway but the inside baseball nature of the program creates a celebration of advertising loved within the media community and shines a beautiful spotlight on advertising for every viewer.

I must admit this is the only technique that has caused me to delay hitting the fast forward button on my Digital Video Recorder.

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