Three Rules to Live By if You Sell Advertising

These are my three rules.  I find when I don’t remember these three things I waste time, energy, and ultimately job satisfaction.

1.  People don’t buy Advertising to buy Advertising.  They market to solve problems.  It often seems like people want to buy advertising.  They don’t.  They want to increase advocacy, or create demand for a product, or direct buying intent to a specific purchase channel, or…  Any time you get caught focusing on simply filling in a spreadsheet you are deceiving yourself and make yourself an expendable commodity.

2.  Not taking the time to sell the right solution creates more hassles down the road. There is a saying in sales:  “Stop selling when they have bought.”  Not a bad policy.  Unless they have bought the wrong thing.  You may get the deal now but this is a business where you need to go back for renewals every 6-12 weeks (even if this is a longer term deal they can cancel.)  The wrong tool for the job, even if they want it, is trouble.

3.  People don’t buy against their own self interests.  Ever.  It is a cop out to say “They don’t get it” or “they just don’t want to get with the times.”  Whatever their self interests are, customers buy what is they feel is most likely to serve their interests.  If you don’t get the buy, you haven’t aligned your solution with their interests.

Simple right?

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