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A Conversation Goes Viral

Federated Media is working with Dell to stimulate conversations for Business Technology buyers around Storage Area Networks. The Future of Storage focuses on the iSCSI space. Dell has a lot to say about the topic but so does the broader community and they wanted to underwrite a broader conversation on the topic.

Its a hot market but even so, the number of people able to discuss this with any depth is much, much smaller than the group that would go to my favorite Road Biking forum. The site went live earlier this month. Dell is going to the conversation rather asking for the conversation to go to them.

Ads like this were launched to stimulate the discussion.

The conversation spread from the TechDirt Hub to ArsTechnica.

Where it was Dugg

and Yahoo Buzz(ed?)

Pretty exciting to watch. Congrats to Andrew, Jennifer, Janet, Mark, and everyone at team Dell.

(Thanks to James for the screen grabs and leadership around this program.)