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The Webless President

From Lee Gomes at the WSJ:

With the world at his beck and call, a president is one of the few people lucky enough to be able to learn more off-line than he would chained to a keyboard.

Wrong.  The Internet is such an important part of the US’ ecconomic and social framework our next President must understand as a user what that means.

I’ve given up on our current President mastering “the Google.”

I Keep Thinking About Randy Pausch….

In addition to the books sold, millions of streams of his “last lecture,” and TV coverage, the internet lit up upon the news of Randy Pausch’s passing.  Take a look at the response on Twitter.

And of course the YouTube Video:

I didn’t know Randy and never operated in the space he was best known for most of his life (no one would mistake me for a computer scientist.)  Still, I am struck by his death in much the same way I would be struck by the death of a friend.  It is causing me to think about things that are all too often packed up and put on a shelf.  So I will do what I’ve learned to do in all occasions where death and mourning are involved – I won’t try to say anything original or profound and I won’t try to fix anything, I will simply add my voice to the many who say I’m happy to know that Randy Pausch lived and that he was able to touch my life.

My sympathies to his family and I plan to keep thinking about Randy Pausch for some time to come.

Check It Out: The Mom Speak

The Mom Speak features original content from Federated Media Authors Asha Dornfest, Amy Keroes, Liz Gumbinner, and Stacey Boyd focusing on ways for parent to save money without sacrificing childcare quality.

Luv’s is supporting conversations that resonate with their brand and I’m excited to watch it develop.  The conversation isn’t about Luvs it is about what matters to Luv’s customers.

Stay tuned for updates.

Yet Another Reminder of Why Brands Can’t Ignore Conversations About/Around Their Brand

Traveling today and wanted to check on alternate flights on Delta today.  Went to Google and saw this:

First page Google result (10th position on the first page.) Small (or not so small if it is you) situations can accumulate into a big problem.  This site is indexed higher than many of Delta’s own sites (though they do own the top position for the search terms Delta and Delta Airlines.)

The Web Wasn’t Made for Advertisers

From Seth Godin today:

Here’s the essential truth:

This is the first mass marketing medium ever that isn’t supported by ads.

If a newspaper, a radio station or a TV station doesn’t please advertisers, it disappears. It exists to make you (the marketer) happy.

That’s the reason the medium (and its rules) exist. To please the advertisers.

But the Net is different.

It wasn’t invented by business people, and it doesn’t exist to help your company make money.

Full post here.

Spot on.  This doesn’t mean the web isn’t a powerful marketing tool.  It simply means that people have CHOICE.  Almost endless choices of what to read and where to go next.

If a marketer can create a product that people choose to use.  To make it into their RSS reader, their bookmarks, etc. they have created something very powerful.

Marketers need to make impressions rather then simply buy them….

Citizen Sports, Lenovo, and Federated Media Olympics Project Covered in AdWeek

Article here.

Take a look at the installs for the top 15 nations:

Check It Out: Technologizer Goes Live!

Harry McCracken’s new site is live.  Check it out.